Thrift Shopping in Ventura!

Hey guys! So today I spontaneously went thrifting in Ventura with my little sister and her friends. We ended up going to a place called Buffalo Exchange which is kind of a more expensive thrift store, BUT we found a lot of cool items. Here are some pics of things we saw.

So this is what the place looked like when you first walked in. Lots of racks of categorized clothes!


These are two combinations I tried on. The black almost overall style jumper was something really unique that I did not own so I HAD to purchase it. $14 is not bad at all πŸ™‚ I also ended up getting the striped crop top as well. I liked the daisy top but it was a bit too short for wearing everyday.

While we were there, my sister and I went CRAZY trying on different shades and I really liked this pair. My sister loved the ones she was wearing here but ended up focusing on purchasing clothes instead.

Almost forgot to mention, I saw these cute daisy style nail art on tumblr and HAD to try it. My left hand came out all right but I cringe whenever I look at my right hand because it is SO fail. 😭

Last but not least, this is the outfit I chose to wear after I got home. The striped crop top with a simple maxi skirt.
Hope you guys enjoyed this mini adventure! I will try to go thrifting again soon! Till then πŸ™‚


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