That’sHeart Makeup Palette Launch Party!

Hi guys! I had the awesome opportunity to go see Heart in person and purchase her makeup palette!
In order to do so you had to go online and RSVP to find out the time and place to go.

Once we got to the location, my friend Vickie and I stood in a long line that reached about two blocks down. It WAS SO LONG (that’s was she said). I was SO glad that I went with Vickie because we were able to just talk the whole time we were waiting and time passed by a lot faster. The boyfriends.. (It’sJudyTime’s bf, Benji ((turns out itsjudytime was releasing a makeup palette as well)) & ThatsHeart’s bf, Arnold were walking around vlogging and taking pictures with the people waiting. I got a picture with Arnold!!! He was really nice 🙂


Im not even kidding when I say we waited FOUR HOURS. There were some interesting things that happened while we were waiting though. Vickie and I talked to the people standing in front of us in line and we even saw Rider Strong. (C’mon you know! The guy from Boy Meets World? Cory’s friend? Yeaaah him!) We saw him walk into the restaurant that was next to line… The girls in front of us were screaming! So waiting wasn’t completely terrible.. (Okay maybe it was, but I’m trying to be positive here!)


(Can you tell we were bored?? :P)

Once we got inside, there was another long line! It was crazy! The amount of people who love ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart was so much! While we were waiting inside the building, we were notified that Judy was starting to feel tired and because she was pregnant, she would have to leave. Heart heart that they might have to tell the people outside to leave so she started walking the line and taking pictures with the people waiting in line. It was really nice of her. She felt bad because some of the people were going to be waiting 5 hours to see her and have to go home without getting to meet her.


I got a picture!! And some palettes!! After we got to purchase the palettes, Vickie and I went to Portos in Burbank and grabbed some grub and took a look at all the makeup we got. It was such a good day. I was really content 🙂


I am going to try and do some reviews on these palettes when I get a chance so please stay tuned!!

Let me know if you got the chance to go to this event or if you’ve ever met Heart!!



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