Makeovers With Urban Decay

A few days ago I went with my good friend Vickie to get makeovers done by Urban Decay!
They were doing an event at Ulta where if you buy one product by Urban Decay you can get a makeover by one of their artists and learn some tips from them!

So this is what our makeovers looked like! For me the makeup artist used the Urban Decay makeup palette to do my eyes and I think it came out pretty well. He told me that the palette can be used for many different things including filling your eyebrows. 😛 I kind of felt cake faced because I usually do not put on such heavy foundation (i’m more of a BB cream/ light coverage kind of gal but I think in the picture it looks alright 🙂 I really love the look he did on my friend Vickie. He actually used a pink blush for her eyeshadow which surprise and impressed me because it looked so good on her!


When we were finished with our makeovers, it was time to go shopping! The makeup stylist showed us all the products he used.. ImageImage

I really love this blush!! Isn’t it adorable?? (I think this is on my to-buy list for next time )Image

Overall I really enjoyed this day! I had so much fun and of course… I can’t end without saying what the one item I bought was….





The Naked 2 Palette! I was sold before the guy even opened his mouth to talk about the palette. I’ve wanted it for so long!! But seeing him use it.. (his palette had already hit pan).. I cant even say. I was just obsessed.

And I LOVE IT! I’ve been using for the last couple of days. I am really happy with it and am thinking about bringing it to my trip to Yosemite tomorrow to save space ❤

Anyways, thank you guys for reading!



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