My Favorite Polish

Hey guys!
This month I tried Urban Outfitter’s Polishes and I have to say that I love their selection of colors now! Although the matte type of polish they have does not quite fit my fancy.. I really like the glossy polishes that they have!ImageImageIt looks a bit crazy but I tried all the pink/purples out to see which one I like the most! I really like the purple-lilac color which is on my ring finger!ImageThe thing about Urban Outfitters that I really like is that they have this table where you can test all the nailpolishes before you buy. I think this is really great because you usually cant test nailpolishes before you buy them (or you can.. but you have to secretly :P).

Right now Urban is having a buy 2  for $8 sale which is pretty good considering a lot of nice nailpolishes (like Essie or Nicole/OPI) are 1 for $8.

Please let me know what your favorite colors from Urban Outfitters nailpolish collection are!!


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