New Workplace.. Caffe Bene!

Hello all! Long time no chat hmm?

Today I wanted to share with you a certain coffee shop that I have fallen in love with and that is Caffe Bene in Los Angeles. (And lol no, I’m not sponsored to talk about this place, I just love it a lot!)

I first heard of this place through Chris Dinh (who is a producer and actor for Wong Fu Productions) who tweeted about how amazing this place was. I ended up checking it out myself (although I didn’t end up going to the one he goes to).

The first thing I noticed about this place is the atmosphere and the interior design! The cafe has a good combination of home-y and modern decoration which helps inspire me with creative thinking.


And the coffee- Don’t get me started! I tried the Caramel Mocchiato and it was delicious!


Here is some of their wall decorations..


And here’s my friend Jonathan studying! (Lol)


Anyways if you want to check out the place for yourself, here’s their website address : (Caffe Bene Website) & Yelp (Yelp Address)

I was really excited to find out that there is another Caffe Bene a couple blocks down so I can’t wait to try that one!

Till next time,

Happy Blogging!



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