Galaxy Nails! Pictures and How-To!

Hey guys! So today my little sister came over and we did a little shopping for mother’s day! We had a pretty successful day :)! But anyways later, after eating a good dinner of Pho, my sister requested that I paint her some galaxy nails!

After watching a good amount of videos on how to do them, I came up with…




How to recreate the look!

Things you will need:
Sponge (Tearing small pieces of makeup sponge will do!)
Nail polish – Black/DarkPurple, Sparkly White, Yellow, Red-Orange, Blue, Shimmery clear coat with glitter.
Small toothpick or nail art dotting tool.

Starting with a clean nail, Paint either a black or dark purple, Opaque layer on nails.
Use the Shimmery gloss nail polish on top.
Using a small piece of sponge, dab white on your nails. (This will serve as a basis of the galaxy. You can make it like the milky way, or just dab randomly.)
Using a small piece of sponge, dab yellow around the white polish already on your nails.
Using another sponge, lightly dab the red orange across the white polish on nail.
With a sponge, dab Blue polish on rest of the white polish but still leave a little bit of the white showing through.
Now put the clear shimmer gloss on top and VOILA! Finished :)) You’ve now got galaxy nails to show off to all of your friends!

Enjoy guys~ 🙂


2 thoughts on “Galaxy Nails! Pictures and How-To!

  1. Plum says:

    Woaaah, looks amazing. So impressive. I thought they were stickers. haha. You should take photos as you do them along the way so it’s easier to follow :)) Just a teeny suggestion!

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