OOTD, Daily Photography: Yummy Sushi, AWESOME Shampoo, Cool Website, And A Little Piece of Happiness.

Hello guys! I hope you are having a happy beginning of March. I have a lot to write in today’s post but I think I’ll start with an Outfit of the Day post.


DSC03237 DSC03230 DSC03229 DSC03228 DSC03225

Nail of the day


(Maverick wanted to be in a photo too! :P)


So what I am wearing in today’s outfit.
White Knit Sweater from Forever21
Black Skinny Jeans from H&M
Black Flats with Gold Studs from Target
Accessories from Forever21
Nail Design Stickers bought at ISSE (Similar can be found here and here)

Sushi Photography: I had the amazing opportunity to do some photography of Yamato Restaurant’s new Chef’s Special Sushi Rolls for the new sushi menu. There were so many delicious looking sushi dishes that came out and I wanted to share some of them with you guys! I teamed up with James and Nobu-san (They are two amazing sushi chefs with a lot of talent for making sushi)

DSC03074DSC03049DSC03062DSC03102 DSC03123

I would have to say.. my favorite part of the photo shoot was trying the rolls! 🙂 My favorite roll was the James roll (the last roll with the rose sushi). It not only LOOKED beautiful, it tasted amazing! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! The restaurant is called Yamato Restaurant and they will be making a lot of changes soon due to change of ownership!

New Shampoo:

Okay guys. I really need to rave about this product. I am almost 80% sure you all have seen this brand before but it is called “Mane & Tail Shampoo and Conditioner”. The thing about this shampoo which made me second guess and kept me from trying it is the fact that this shampoo was originally a horse shampoo. I wasn’t so sure if something that was used on a horse will have the same effect on a human’s hair.
Although I was skeptical, I heard so many good things about this shampoo and when I asked my co-worker how she got her beautiful shiny hair and she replied that this was her secret, I HAD to try it. The first try i noticed was that my hair felt really dry but I could already tell that my hair was shiny and in a different condition. As I used it more I could tell that my hair was getting softer and also very noticeably more healthy looking to the point that I had received compliments from almost everyone at work! It was a good feeling to have such shiny hair after being stuck with dry, brittle looking hair with many split ends. It really boosted my confidence and I felt like my hair being healthy made ME look more fresh overall. Anyways I DEFINITELY recommend this product for anyone who is dealing with brittle, dull, damaged hair. (ALSO please let me know if you DO end up trying it and the results!)

New website:
Another thing I really wanted to rant about was this website I recently discovered called WANELO (Short for Want, Need, Love). It’s this cool site that features very trendy new things- very much like Pinterest or Instagram but the difference is that it links you directly to where you can buy the product online. You can find a lot of cool new things here to try.. here are some of the things I found while surfing on Wanelo.


Glitter Iphone Skin


Dangling Dust Plug Cross


Side Skin for Iphone


Waterproof Iphone Pouch


Galaxy Stars Keyboard Stickers


Cute Furry Black Cat Iphone Case


Secret Compartment Wall Socket

This site is a lot of fun! I could spend hours on it!

A Little Peice of Happiness:
As for this little section, I decided that every couple of posts I wanted to put up a few quotes on happiness because it is really important to remember to be appreciative of your life and the things in it. It is really easy to forget to be thankful of what you have and it is really easy to let simple little things ruin your day, such as something rude someone said to you, or feeling unappreciated by those around you. When you’re having a bad day.. It’s important to try and change the way you are looking at life because it is very easy to keep digging that hole you are in, deeper and deeper.

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Anyways thank you guys for reading my post. I hope you guys have an amazing week and do wonderful things.
Till next time,



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