OOTD: Trying new things!

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a good Valentine’s Day! As for me.. It’s full of work work work and then a Skype date with Shane in Okinawa! (Who is currently on deployment for the Marines for 2 years *sob*) But that’s okay with me because it’s another opportunity for me to save money to go visit and spend time with him 🙂

So this OOTD was actually inspired by the Kardashians! I know that a lot of people hate on them and there are some negative images associated with them but I still have to say I LOVE their fashion sense. The sisters all have gorgeous photoshoots and they are not afraid to try new things!

As for me.. I am quite the scaredy-cat when it comes to trying new things fashion-related. I bought a blazer top jacket a long time ago but never tried wearing it so I looked to some of my favorite fashionistas for inspiration.

1 2 3
What I am wearing here:
Black Blazer..F21 (Similar ones found here)
White V-Neck Shirt & Black Spaghetti Strap undershirt
Skinny Black Jeans
Gold Studded Animal Print Flats.. Target! (Found these for a pretty good deal.. 2 for $30)
Gold Studded Black Shoulder Bag..F21

Thank you guys for stopping by my blog today and please share your blogs with me!


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