ISSE Weekend Post! (Many Pics Included)

Hey guys! So FINALLY putting up the pictures from last weekend’s adventure ISSE! (International Salon and Spa Expo). So most of you guys know what IMATS is right?? The international Makeup Artist Trade Show).. well ISSE is just like that but for Makeup and other things as well! There were so many vendors there and it was actually BIGGER than IMATS to my surprise!

There were many vendors ranging from Hair Salon product inventory (shears, combs, brushes, clips), Hair Extensions, Nail Polish (Essie, China Glaze, and OPI were the big ones for me!), Makeup (NYX!!).

So the reason why I found out about ISSE is because my family friend has his own company which was a vendor at ISSE. His table was PASSION BEAUTYΒ which is a company that sells Stylist shears, books, and other products. I had the pleasure of working with Daniel for the first time and I had a lot of fun working in the convention environment!

Day 1:

Anyways so Saturday night I left LA and drove to Orange County because I would be staying at my dear friend Honei’s house. When I got there I got settled a little bit and then went to dinner with Honei and another friend- a colleague actually named Jemie.Β DSC02766

(Honei on the left, and Jemie on the right)
We decided to eat at a place in Irvine called Tokyo Table which is located in a plaza called Diamond Jamboree. It felt nice to come back to Irvine and see familiar faces from school πŸ™‚

The sushi there was delicious! I was so happy we picked that restaurant. We wanted to get this really cool looking dessert that sizzled and was on fire when brought to a party sitting next to us but we were so stuffed with sushi that we didn’t get it. Oh well, next time!


DSC02786Β Now for the little OOTD part of the post
Here I am wearing a leopard print top from Forever 21
Skinny Jeans from F21
My favorite pair of boots from Rack Room Shoes

DAY 2:


Day 2 was Sunday. The first day of my work at ISSE. I had forgotten how easy it was for me to get lost in Long Beach since I am not familiar with the area. Other than visiting the Long Beach Aquarium, I do not come here very often.

So I checked in, got my pass and walked into the Convention Area and was in AWE. Although the area was not officially open yet, there were SO many booths. Just rows and rows. It was much bigger than IMATS. I was so excited and walked down the rows and found our booth. It was really cool to meet all the people from Passion Beauty.


During my lunch break I walked around and saw many demonstrations going on! I love the outfits some of the girls were wearing. They just looked so gorgeous! There were so many people getting their hair dyed, nails painted, makeovers.. it was just really cool to see all of that going on.

After my first day of work at ISSE, I had dinner with a bunch of collegues. The place we decided on was a little cafe in Irvine called Class 302. It was a really cute cafe which was set up to resemble a classroom. All of the tables had little cubbies and the chairs were shorter resembling kid chairs. Their food was really good too!


(Picture of colleague David and Ricky sharing a small table together on a little “date”)

The dessert we got was GIANT! We were able to share it amongst all 6 of us! It was a strawberry shaved ice dessert. Delcicious. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes there.


Day 3:

So Monday is the second and last day of ISSE. It was kind of sad for me that it event was already almost over! Today was a more relaxed day than Sunday and it was easier for me as well because I didn’t have to spend time to learn everything like the first day and I already knew where things were. I was able to talk to more people in the industry.


There were more demonstrations..

And also voting for who’s booth was the most creative! I believe the Moroccan Oil Vendor won this year with their pretty decorations.DSC02791

And now.. I have to talk about my FAVORITE part of this event. SHOPPING! There were SO many amazing deals! For example.. at the “It’s a 10” booth..DSC02816

They had products that go for $22 at CVS for only $9!! What a steal! I feel like I cannot go back to shopping at CVS after this.

Also.. Polishes, Polishes, Polishes. There were so many polishes everywhere for cheap! OPI, China Glaze.. &Β Essie 6 for $20.. (*dies and is in heaven*) They actually handed you boxes to fill and purchase. I was in NAILPOLISH HEAVEN. πŸ™‚

DSC02795 DSC02796 DSC02797 DSC02814

(some pics to give you an idea of what we were dealing with.. Rows and rows of polishes!)

It was the end of the event but it opened up doors to more opportunities for me. I was invited to help out at other events including out of state shows. I was really happy they liked my personality and how I work. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait for the next time I get the opportunity to work with Passion Beauty again!


27 thoughts on “ISSE Weekend Post! (Many Pics Included)

  1. Plum says:

    Sounds like such a good weekend, great atmosphere, fab food and fun company! ^^ The dessert looks to die for *_* I’ve never seen such a HUGE dessert before!!

  2. Olen Casson says:

    Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design. “Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation.” by Benjamin Disraeli.

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