Another Victim of LexyInspired’s Makeovers!


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. This is a picture of my fabulous friend Katie (Twitter: @KatieMassey99 follow her!) who was my most recent victim for a makeover with my new makeup brushes from IMATS LA 2013!
I was really excited to use these brushes by Cici Fashion Brushes. I got an AMAZING deal at IMATS. This brush set was 18 pieces for $23 guys! How cool is that? The brushes are really soft and do not at ALL feel like cheap brushes. Check out their website here..

My friend Victoria (Twitter: @aquaverde91) was also my partner in crime with her amazing hair curling skills! She used a hair straightener to CURL her hair (Yes you heard me, a straightener!) She did an wonderful job dontcha think?

Anyways thanks guys for checking out my blog! Please leave comments if you have any questions šŸ™‚

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