Hello all! (Hello again if you came to this page from my old blog, and thank you for your continued support!)

I would like to do a quick introduction of myself. My name is Alexis (but you can call me Lexy ;D) I am a college student attending Laguna College of Art and Design as well as a girl with a big love of fashion! A few friends and I have started a new Jewelry company called AVCdesigns (found at where we have combined our love of making things! I plan to use this blog to post about many of the things in my life that influence my artwork and fashion! Starting March of 2012, my boyfriend Shane of 3 years, joined the Marines and that was a great change and influence on my life. (If you are also a Marine/MilitarySO I would love to chat with you!) My tumblr is

I hope the best of luck with all of you! & I will be posting again soon about IMATS LA 2013!

xoxo, Lexy


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