Fashion Experimentation

Lately I have been really into streetwear fads. As you guys know, Alexander Wang released his collaboration with H&M and seeing his collection really pushed me into diving into a new type of fashion that I have never really been interested in before.

I have started to experiment with more colors and mixing patterns/ textures and so far It’s been rewarding to me. I have come up with new outfits that I really like and have expanded my knowledge and opened my mind to all the combinations of clothing I have been missing out on. 😊





Top// Adidas Floral BF Shirt. $30. Urban Outfitters//
Shoes//Black Spiked Sneakers. Aldo//
Skirt//Pleather Straight Skirt. Forever 21//

Hope you guys have a good week! I’m planning to blog more– although I have been super busy, I have also been very motivated and trying a lot of new things! Stay tuned!:)

Thrift Shopping in Ventura!

Hey guys! So today I spontaneously went thrifting in Ventura with my little sister and her friends. We ended up going to a place called Buffalo Exchange which is kind of a more expensive thrift store, BUT we found a lot of cool items. Here are some pics of things we saw.

So this is what the place looked like when you first walked in. Lots of racks of categorized clothes!


These are two combinations I tried on. The black almost overall style jumper was something really unique that I did not own so I HAD to purchase it. $14 is not bad at all:) I also ended up getting the striped crop top as well. I liked the daisy top but it was a bit too short for wearing everyday.

While we were there, my sister and I went CRAZY trying on different shades and I really liked this pair. My sister loved the ones she was wearing here but ended up focusing on purchasing clothes instead.

Almost forgot to mention, I saw these cute daisy style nail art on tumblr and HAD to try it. My left hand came out all right but I cringe whenever I look at my right hand because it is SO fail. 😭

Last but not least, this is the outfit I chose to wear after I got home. The striped crop top with a simple maxi skirt.
Hope you guys enjoyed this mini adventure! I will try to go thrifting again soon! Till then:)

That’sHeart Makeup Palette Launch Party!

Hi guys! I had the awesome opportunity to go see Heart in person and purchase her makeup palette!
In order to do so you had to go online and RSVP to find out the time and place to go.

Once we got to the location, my friend Vickie and I stood in a long line that reached about two blocks down. It WAS SO LONG (that’s was she said). I was SO glad that I went with Vickie because we were able to just talk the whole time we were waiting and time passed by a lot faster. The boyfriends.. (It’sJudyTime’s bf, Benji ((turns out itsjudytime was releasing a makeup palette as well)) & ThatsHeart’s bf, Arnold were walking around vlogging and taking pictures with the people waiting. I got a picture with Arnold!!! He was really nice:)


Im not even kidding when I say we waited FOUR HOURS. There were some interesting things that happened while we were waiting though. Vickie and I talked to the people standing in front of us in line and we even saw Rider Strong. (C’mon you know! The guy from Boy Meets World? Cory’s friend? Yeaaah him!) We saw him walk into the restaurant that was next to line… The girls in front of us were screaming! So waiting wasn’t completely terrible.. (Okay maybe it was, but I’m trying to be positive here!)


(Can you tell we were bored?? :P)

Once we got inside, there was another long line! It was crazy! The amount of people who love ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart was so much! While we were waiting inside the building, we were notified that Judy was starting to feel tired and because she was pregnant, she would have to leave. Heart heart that they might have to tell the people outside to leave so she started walking the line and taking pictures with the people waiting in line. It was really nice of her. She felt bad because some of the people were going to be waiting 5 hours to see her and have to go home without getting to meet her.


I got a picture!! And some palettes!! After we got to purchase the palettes, Vickie and I went to Portos in Burbank and grabbed some grub and took a look at all the makeup we got. It was such a good day. I was really content:)


I am going to try and do some reviews on these palettes when I get a chance so please stay tuned!!

Let me know if you got the chance to go to this event or if you’ve ever met Heart!!


Thanksgiving Update/ BLACK FRIDAY ♥♥

Hello lovelies!
I have missed you all!

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

This Thanksgiving my family joined forces with our close family friends and had dinner at their house. I had a lovely time and of course ate so much turkey!

Thanksgiving 2013-5 Thanksgiving 2013-6Thanksgiving 2013-9Thanksgiving 2013-8

I enjoyed spending time with the people I love! I have been so busy with school and work that it was a great relief to be able to take my mind off the stresses of everyday life and just  r e l a x.

Anyways.. on to the SHOPPING part! So this year there was “Grey Thursday” as well as the normal Black Friday. Grey Thursday was what the stores were calling the event of opening up the mall on Thanksgiving evening. Although it was a very tempting thing, I decided to not shop until Black Friday because I felt pretty bad about the people having to work on Thursday night. Although people argue that they already have to work on those days anyways this year, I think if enough people hold back the urge of shopping on thursday night, maybe- just maybe next year they will decide against it. (I can understand because I have missed Thanksgiving 3 years in a row because I had to work)

Black Friday was a lot of fun!! This year I decided to start at Topanga Mall. It was PACKED. It took a long time to find parking. There is just something magical about being at the mall at midnight lol. It feels weird but it’s FUN. Anyways we walked around for 4 hours, My knees were killing me but we got home with many bags in our hands. After I took a nap, I went to the Thousand Oaks mall for round 2 of Black Friday shopping. Here is a picture of the things I got!

Thanksgiving 2013-1

Bag – Forever21 ($25 and 50% off)

Animal Print Shoes – Target ($22)
Black Booties – Target ($30 with 20% off)

Candles – Bath and Body Works (3 for $10)
Hand Sanitizers – Bath and Body Works (5 for $5)
Hand Sanitizer Holders – Bath and Body Works $.50 each
Lippies – Bath and Body Works, Buy 2 get one free

Needless to say I had a lot of fun shopping.😛Thanksgiving 2013-2

These were some awesome shoes that I really liked that were on sale but I couldn’t find in my size. It wasn’t meant to be </3.

I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving/Black Friday. With the Christmas Holidays coming up, I should be able to do more blog posts so I am excited for that! Talk to you soon!


Makeovers With Urban Decay

A few days ago I went with my good friend Vickie to get makeovers done by Urban Decay!
They were doing an event at Ulta where if you buy one product by Urban Decay you can get a makeover by one of their artists and learn some tips from them!

So this is what our makeovers looked like! For me the makeup artist used the Urban Decay makeup palette to do my eyes and I think it came out pretty well. He told me that the palette can be used for many different things including filling your eyebrows.😛 I kind of felt cake faced because I usually do not put on such heavy foundation (i’m more of a BB cream/ light coverage kind of gal but I think in the picture it looks alright:) I really love the look he did on my friend Vickie. He actually used a pink blush for her eyeshadow which surprise and impressed me because it looked so good on her!


When we were finished with our makeovers, it was time to go shopping! The makeup stylist showed us all the products he used.. ImageImage

I really love this blush!! Isn’t it adorable?? (I think this is on my to-buy list for next time )Image

Overall I really enjoyed this day! I had so much fun and of course… I can’t end without saying what the one item I bought was….





The Naked 2 Palette! I was sold before the guy even opened his mouth to talk about the palette. I’ve wanted it for so long!! But seeing him use it.. (his palette had already hit pan).. I cant even say. I was just obsessed.

And I LOVE IT! I’ve been using for the last couple of days. I am really happy with it and am thinking about bringing it to my trip to Yosemite tomorrow to save space❤

Anyways, thank you guys for reading!


My Favorite Polish

Hey guys!
This month I tried Urban Outfitter’s Polishes and I have to say that I love their selection of colors now! Although the matte type of polish they have does not quite fit my fancy.. I really like the glossy polishes that they have!ImageImageIt looks a bit crazy but I tried all the pink/purples out to see which one I like the most! I really like the purple-lilac color which is on my ring finger!ImageThe thing about Urban Outfitters that I really like is that they have this table where you can test all the nailpolishes before you buy. I think this is really great because you usually cant test nailpolishes before you buy them (or you can.. but you have to secretly :P).

Right now Urban is having a buy 2  for $8 sale which is pretty good considering a lot of nice nailpolishes (like Essie or Nicole/OPI) are 1 for $8.

Please let me know what your favorite colors from Urban Outfitters nailpolish collection are!!

Sawtelle Reunion 2013!

Today was the Sawtelle Japanese School Reunion! After 4 years of not seeing each other we met up and hung out!


First we met up and went to Curry House (Which was our tradition.. after every Undoukai we would meet up and eat there :P)



(This is the Chicken Breast Katsu Curry)

After dinner we walked around for a bit and then decided to go to Round One which is an amazing Japanese Game Center with an Arcade, Bowling, Purikura, Karaoke.. and many other fun things:)


(This is a really fun Taiko game that they had)

IMG_0563 IMG_0561 IMG_0572
Anyways today was such a fun day. Although we all grew up a little, everyone was still just the same as I remember them and I had a lot of fun. I can’t wait till the next time we see each other again!

New Workplace.. Caffe Bene!

Hello all! Long time no chat hmm?

Today I wanted to share with you a certain coffee shop that I have fallen in love with and that is Caffe Bene in Los Angeles. (And lol no, I’m not sponsored to talk about this place, I just love it a lot!)

I first heard of this place through Chris Dinh (who is a producer and actor for Wong Fu Productions) who tweeted about how amazing this place was. I ended up checking it out myself (although I didn’t end up going to the one he goes to).

The first thing I noticed about this place is the atmosphere and the interior design! The cafe has a good combination of home-y and modern decoration which helps inspire me with creative thinking.


And the coffee- Don’t get me started! I tried the Caramel Mocchiato and it was delicious!


Here is some of their wall decorations..


And here’s my friend Jonathan studying! (Lol)


Anyways if you want to check out the place for yourself, here’s their website address : (Caffe Bene Website) & Yelp (Yelp Address)

I was really excited to find out that there is another Caffe Bene a couple blocks down so I can’t wait to try that one!

Till next time,

Happy Blogging!


Beyonce Why Don’t You Love Me? Music Video Inspired Makeup Look!

Hello beauties, if you have time, please check out my new video. I absolutely love love LOVE Beyonce’s makeup in this video.. So naturally.. I tried to replicate it😛

I tried to do Beyonce’s Makeup in the crying scenes of this video.. Running makeup and everything! Watch till the end to see some lip-syncing.:)